Hibiki Run Play-to-Collect: Building Harmony Between Creators and Collectors

Hibiki means “sound, resonance and harmony” in Japanese. We believe that discovering music in fun ways will resonate with people globally to form a harmonious community. By partnering and collaborating with traditional and web3 music platforms, Hibiki Run play-to-collect brings true value and music experience to users both.

Most online streaming platforms, as they currently exist, are self-serving. There is no relationship-building mechanism between music creators and collectors; neither are there clear-cut incentives to discover underground or indie music and music related content in categories like anime, comic and gaming.

At Hibiki Run, we are building a superhighway connecting music lovers to creators in a symbiotic, harmony-building relationship with gamified interactions and lucrative rewards. Using gamification and the Play-to-Collect model as our tool for music related content advancement and promotion, here is how we are building harmony through gamified experience:

  • A comprehensive Play-to-Collect platform: The innovative Hibiki Run Play-to-Collect platform allows collectors to discover an extensive music catalog by engaging in various physical activities, including walking. Collectors decide on the music to discover by selecting any in-app headphones. Corresponding to different music genres, each headphone represents the five natural elements of Gold, Storm, Water, Fire and Electric.

Every discovered headphone NFTs are tradable through the in-app marketplace. Discovery and boosting of these headphones with Omamori helps users collect tokens and correspondingly boosts the creators’ ranking.

Also, through our special in-app raffle draws, Hibiki Run platform users can win the $HUT token and other digital collectibles created by our creator community. In-app digital assets such as headphones NFTs, and collectibles won from the raffle system are tradable via our app’s marketplace.

  • A sustainable relationship: Music is the essence of culture, sometimes we communicate through melodies better instead of any other form of communication. Music is the same in this case for Hibiki Run. We help form sustainable relationships by fostering and connecting users and creators based on the type of music they listen to and the type of digital collectible they create. A mutual way to tune into your musical kind from both side of the users. 

The app is built to create entertaining and monetizing synergies between each kind of music and music inspired content. As a Free-to-Play app with rewards based on time spent on the app, users can also actively support their favorite creators and create connections with them without the need to pay a subscription fee nor the need to have extensive knowledge in Web3. Hibiki Run believes users should focus on enjoying their lifestyle and connect with artists who make music or are inspired by music instead of getting deeper into the technical side of the decentralization ecosystem.

  • Exposure for creators: We hope to give upcoming creative talents a safe, enabling environment to thrive without falling victim to predatory streaming platforms. For creators, they’re able to circulate, promote their work with our amazing gamified raffle mechanism that guarantees them a chance to be seen, instead of being in the dark on marketplaces like Opensea. 
  • Community of music and NFT enthusiasts: We are promoting music discovery and a gaming experience and creating a community of musically inclined people for symbiotic interaction. Apart from fulfilling their social interaction needs, there are freebies to be won in the Hibiki Run ecosystem. We also carry out frequent community activities to help diehard fans of each musical genre to connect with each other and the content creators who made designs based on a particular genre. 

Our innovative approach to building harmony between music creators and collectors is not a zero-sum game. Everyone wins. Music creators can easily build a following, while music collectors can enjoy diverse music of different genres. They can all come together to trade NFTs and win the $HUT token, other digital assets, and collectibles. 

Download our app on App stores to start listening to your favorite music & earn collectibles. Start your day with Hibiki Run today!


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