Hibiki Run TOMO Night 2023

Hibiki Run Offline NFT events: TOMO Night brings NFT art, crypto, and music enthusiasts together

The Hibiki Run Tomo Night 2023 is among the top NFT events of the year for its exclusive NFT discussions with NFT experts, DJ performances, NFT art exhibitions, and much more. Discover the latest in the crypto world and the fusion of music, art, and NFTs. 

The creator economy is backed by over fifty million creators. Forbes estimates it at a whopping $100 billion. Such staggering numbers are an indication of astronomical hikes that may redefine economic structures, eradicate middlemen, and reshape perceptions around how money changes hands. Hibiki Run brings an exciting series of NFT events to help crypto, music, and NFT enthusiasts keep up with changing trends in the crypto world and unlock lucrative opportunities. 

Read on to learn how Hibiki Run and its partners intend to contribute to a sustainable economic future via NFT events, a polygon-backed NFT marketplace, and a play-to-collect app. 

Hibiki Run Universe: the vision for music NFTs, music discovery, and crypto art.

Hibiki Run NFT event: Founders and Partners

Nothing happens overnight. Hibiki Run was born out of a passion shared by its founders. The love for headphones, the art of “Ichigo Ichie”, and years of effort enabled the Hibiki Run team (CEO Leo Wang, COO Alex Chan, CTO Joe Zhou, community consultant C00k1e, and head of design Shan Tan) to create a Blockchain-driven platform that would eradicate the shortcomings of conventional music discovery and NFT collection systems. The Hibiki Run universe revolves around the passion for music creation and NFT art collection. 

Hibiki Run offers a gamified experience via a play-to-collect app that helps you discover music and collect digital assets. The app features four cool digital headphones that can be earned with tokens received via the app. 

Learn How to earn tokens with Hibiki Run app and discover new music. 

Hibiki Run NFT Events: TOMO Night 2023 

Hibiki Run TOMO Night: CEO Leo Wang

TOMO Night featured an exclusive exhibition of NFT artwork with the help of Hibiki Run’s partners Pardey, NFT Color, and Hikari. The event received a total of 347 NFT artwork pieces out of which a hundred were selected for the exhibition. But the event’s main purpose was to get music and NFT enthusiasts together.

TOMO Night represents passion for music and headphone collection. Leo Wang, CEO and co-founder of the Hibiki Run platform, said during the event, “the passion for music and the love for headphones led to the creation of Genesis headphones. When I was young, I was a music enthusiast. My love for headphones began when I received a pair of headphones on my 8th birthday. My headphones were like old friends who would tell stories and keep me connected to music.” Hibiki Run headphones do the same; they come in cool designs and help you discover new music, keeping your passion alive.

In Japanese, Hibiki means Sound, Resonance, and Harmony. And at the heart of Hibiki Run is Leo’s love and passion for collecting headphones. This passion has now transitioned to its new vessel (from physical to digital Headphones) becoming Genesis Headphones.

The bigger purpose of NFT events like TOMO Night is to get together with music, crypto, and NFT enthusiasts and share the stage with underrepresented artists to strengthen our community bonds. Future events (offline and online) will, too, focus on working and collaborating with technology, crypto, and NFT partners who intend to contribute to the creator economy. 

Learn more about how Hibiki Run is helping the creator economy

Hibiki Run plans on building partnerships that can foster community building for collectors and creators. The company’s official partners in the endeavor include: 

Herzy (Japan)

The name behind the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Hikrai, supports its independent musicians by curating music content. Herzy believes in music NFTs and their ability to help musicians retain most of their royalties without relying on a record label. 

Hibiki Run infuses Hikari music into its Gachapon, facilitating music discovery and building opportunities for collectors to buy unique NFTs. 

Hibiki Run and Hikari promote music discovery and NFT collection via offline and online NFT events, fostering relationships via unique listening experiences. 

NFT Color

The team behind NFT Color played a crucial role in recruiting NFT art for the TOMO Night NFT art contest. The event received 347 pieces. Since their mission is to promote and support NFT creators, they make a harmonious partnership with Hibiki Run.

The new features and a step towards sustainable growth.

Hibiki Run TOMO Night 2023

Economic downturns can cripple our abilities to generate income or sustain ourselves financially. The recent economic turmoil is a testament to the market vulnerabilities that reoccur, causing billions in losses. Blockchain technology and its irreplaceable elements could be the building blocks for a sustainable economy where creators and collectors strengthen each other for a prosperous community. Hibiki Run and its partners want to facilitate the growth of future communities via its NFT marketplace and gamified digital asset collection.

Hibiki Run game mechanics

The play-to-collect platform utilizes M2E game mechanics with additional features to facilitate the creator economy. To create a sustainable product, Hibiki Run’s Gachapon readily integrates with external content. It delivers unique NFTs to players via a gamified experience. 

Additionally, Hibiki Run is constantly innovating, creating new features and valuable products to support collectors and creators. Some of the new features of the platform include: 

– latest game features to upgrade digital collections for increased rewards.

– a Vinyl collection room where you can stake NFT for HBK governance tokens or the genesis headphones, and other digital assets from the Raffle machine. 

– Hibiki PFP series 1 & 2, where series 1 will contain 1,000 – 1,500 newly minted PFP NFTs. Owners will get in-game rewards and win perks at future TOMO Night events. Future events will take place in New York, Osaka, and Tokyo, etc. And series 2 will allow collaborations with artists to create PFP NFTs. 

Ready to experience the thrill of NFT art and unique music? Watch the Hibiki Run TOMO Night event held in February 2023 below.

Ready to start your collection journey with Hibiki Run? Learn more about how Hibiki Run uses the Polygon blockchain and how you can protect your NFTs. And when you are ready, download Hibiki Run on Google Play or the App Store and start collecting today!

Check Hibiki Run’s website for future game updates and the latest features. 


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