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The Hibiki sound: Discover new music, uncover new artists, and share your favorite songs!

Hibiki Run’s play-to-collect app helps you discover new music, find new artists, and earn lucrative rewards that can be used to purchase NFTs and other digital collectibles.

It may seem trivial, but new music can new avenues for motivation, optimism, and relaxation. Music has stress-reducing effects, according to research. Stanford’s research even believes that music has the same effect on brain function as medication. However, its impact on your mental and physical health goes beyond stress. Music has the power to heal and rejuvenate. It can [reduce cortisol in the bloodstream (source) and induce “happy hormones” that help you stay motivated and optimistic for any challenges that may come your way. This is why most Buddhist practices involve chants and instrumental music that can bring “the forces of goodness” (source). Why the Tibetan bowls are known for their healing properties (source). And why in Hinduism, music and chants are equal to reciting Vedic mantras (source), and Why Vaishnava monks believe music is the path to salvation (source).

In the Web 3.0 era, discovering good music can be challenging as there’s so much out there. Platforms like Hibiki Run make it easier for you to discover new music, new energy, and new opportunities that were never possible before. This post highlights how you can discover new music with Hibiki Run’s play-to-collect platform and find new energizing songs that you can share with your friends in an incentivized way.

Hibiki Run promotes music discovery via incentivized and gamified experience that fosters community building.

Hibiki Run and the evolution of music discovery and community building.

Before web3 music and web3 projects, you could only discover new music through limited means. In the 90s, television and radio were the only outlets for music discovery. Additionally, it wasn’t easy for every artist to feature on MTV or have their music played by top radio stations. Artists had limited means to reach their audience, and people had a finite list of artists to listen to.

Hibiki Run has created a unique, incentivized platform for the listeners and the music creators to foster music discovery and community building. Now, with Hibiki Run, you can listen, share, and earn tokens that can be used on Hibiki Run’s NFT marketplace.

Learn how Hibiki Run uses playlists to help you discover new music.

How to discover new music with Hibiki Run

To get started, go to your Hibiki Run app on your phone. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get it for your Android or iPhone, and then continue with the following instructions.

Step 1: Log in to your HIbiki Run app. The app’s Raffle Machine will let you raffle for free and award you your first (free) base headphones via Gachapon. Once you have your headphones, you are ready to discover exciting new music from underrepresented genres, including Anime.

Step 2: Equip your headphones. Navigate to the Home screen, click “Equip Headphones”, and choose the “base” headphones. After you are done, the base headphones will be added to your “Headphones”.

Hibiki Run Base Headphones

Step 3: Now, on the Home screen, you will see two different modes of listening: the Listen Mode and the Workout Mode. If you want to do more than discover new music, click Workout Mode.

Hibiki Run App Home Screen

And that’s it! You are all set to discover music and share songs with your friends!

Top 15 songs to catch on Hibiki Run in 2023

Hibiki Run playlists are full of surprises. With songs from every genre, the playlists are a perfect place for diverse music discovery. To get you started, here are the top 15 songs worth listening to on Hibiki Run.

  1. Zunapalooza in Rock – Sweet Dreams (Cover featuring Miss Mandy)
  2. Jijikita in Classical – Devil’s Banquet
  3. Misha in Hip-Hop/Rap – Resurrection
  4. 3BallMTY in Latin – Intentalo
  5. Wasteurself in Electronic – SpraynPray
  6. Simpll Sin in Hip-Hop/Rap – Fit In
  7. GoldBabyAngel in Pop – Kingdom
  8. Veggi in Electrnic – Exceptional
  9. Floyd Zion in Alternative – Belly
  10. Will Sparks in Techno – Annihilate
  11. Arjan Van Leeuwen in Electronic – Watch me
  12. Good Society in R&B/Soul – Wander
  13. Justin Empire in Electronic – Vegan Ice Cream
  14. Leo The Kind in Hip-Hop/Rap – LIGHT_SWITCH
  15. Sak Noel in Latin – Te Ta

Hibiki Run – top apps to discover new music

What makes Hibiki Run the best place to discover music is its ability to let you listen to new music on the go. You can run the app in the background while you do other tasks. Hibiki Run will constantly supply new music! Additionally, you can listen to Time Trending, Monthly Trending, and Weekly Trending songs. You can choose the genres that fit your mood and have a non-stop listening experience.

Hibiki Run Trending playlists
Hibiki Run All-Time Trending Playlists


Hibiki Run is the only app that lets you find new music based on what you like. Additionally, it’s backed by one of the most popular Blockchain technologies in web3 space, Polygon Blockchain. The rewards you collect during the Workout Mode can be used to purchase unique digital collectibles on the Hibiki Run marketplace using Hibiki Run wallets. You get to do more than discover music!

Download Hibiki Run on Google Play or the App Store and start listening today!


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