The Future of Lifestyle NFTs and Collection Gamification

While digital tech innovations, including internet-based music streaming services, and sophisticated digital recording and rendering software, have improved music access, there are still rough edges to be trimmed.

The music scene is rife with piracy, record companies favoring predatory centralized revenue-sharing models and a dearth of musical creativity.

At the core of our mandate is the drive to build a sustainable ecosystem of users from both traditional and the Web3 space who are passionate about the concept of gamification and collecting digital rewards. With the deployment of Blockchain NFT solutions, we want to increase music and music-inspired artists’ visibility and the facilitation of a seamless NFT transaction across the Hibiki Run platform.

By building Hibiki Run, we envision a future where collecting things you are passionate about is as enjoyable as listening to music and the barrier of entry for everyone to play for free is greatly reduced.

What is Hibiki Run?

Using Japanese culture as an influence, Hibiki Run is a gamified web3 lifestyle app with the Play-to-Collect idea at the center of its model. The app provides gamified experiences such as a music discovery system along with Web3 mechanics, a raffle machine, and a marketplace connecting collectors to ACG creators who are inspired by different genres of music. 

Our platform allows collectors to “game” their way to tune into the kind, mood-lifting, entertaining music that appeals to collectors’ tastes and shared values.

How does Hibiki Run work?

Hibiki Run facilitates the creation of a symbiotic, Play-to-Collect revenue sharing model between ACG creators and players. Anyone can win tradable, specialized NFTs through our music streaming platform. All they need to do is launch the Hibiki Run app and select an in-app NFT headphone of their choice.

In-app headphones represent unique natural elements, including water, gold, fire, electric and storm, linked with different music genres. This in-app headphone NFT also determines the kind of music to discover while using the play-to-Collect game.

A fun and exciting system that rewards

Collectors can enhance their listening and moving experience through Omamori —the in-game boosters that are soul bound to the headphones. They can collect tokens and earn coins as they listen through the headphones and use their Omamori for performance boost which in-turn increase their creator’s ranking.

Users can also raffle their tokens to win Gashapon which brings unexpected surprises. And as it goes, Hibiki Run will continue to make the relationship between creators and collectors even more fun through game and Web3 mechanics.

Enjoying the bliss that Hibiki Run brings though its gamified music discovery platform is not a hard nut to crack —no in-depth knowledge of web3 is needed. All you need to do is to download the Hibiki Run app, and select an in-app headphone of your choice depending on the preferred music genre represented by the above-mentioned elements. The app automatically scans its music catalog to discover tradable NFT and other in-app assets, including the $HUT token, and in-game accessories that boost your headphones. 

We are determined to create a win-win solution for creators and their collectors through Hibiki Run.

Why you should try Hibiki Run

  • Easy to onboard for Web2 users: Although it is a blockchain-based game, Hibiki Run’s application is designed for users to play without in-depth knowledge in Web3. It works like your everyday web2 music streaming platforms, including YTMusic, and iTunes. Launch the app, select your preferred in-app headphones and continue with your regular activity to unlock NFTs depending on your music preference.
  • Easy to use: Hibiki Run has been designed with users in mind —you need not have an extensive knowledge of gamification or Web3 to benefit from our app. It is self-explanatory and well-optimized for every web3 user.
  • Play-to-Collect model: Hibiki Run’s system is in sharp contrast to the current centralized record labels and streaming services serving model, where record labels and streaming platforms earn the lion’s share of whatever a recording artist produces, leaving nothing to fans. The Play-to-Collect model allows music collectors to put in as little effort in moving and listening to earn in-app digital tokens that are tradable on the app’s marketplace. The music creator earns a royalty for life on the discovered NFT music, and the music collector earns by trading the NFT while we charge transactions and other incidental fees.

There is more to come

Hibiki Run is constantly building with the obvious demands of the web3 creator economy in order to create a symbiotic atmosphere for creators and collectors to thrive. We will be launching display rooms that will allow users to show off their digital collectibles to work out. More updates about this as well as other milestones on our roadmap will be shared soon.


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