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The Future of Web3 Gaming: Where does Hibiki Run Stand?

The Web3 gaming ecosystem is laced with a hodgepodge of hype, brilliant ideas, and unclear paths to their realization. A report indicates that the web3 space, including gaming, social networks and the metaverse, have already attracted attract $7.1Billion investment in 2022. In truth, it’s a large market but it’s a case of most web3 projects profiting off the efforts and toils of their platform creators. What can web3 gaming companies learn from Hibiki Run’s web3 creator-collection symbiotic strategy and its idea for entertainment, connection (between creators and collectors), and reward-driven operational model?

Current Challenges of Web3 Gaming

Online gaming in the future will incorporate some web3 decentralized features; it remains to be seen whether web3 gaming will enjoy mainstream adoption. The web3 gaming space is not without its challenges, including:

  • Too Technical for Mass Adoption: Entertainment is core to the idea of web3 gaming, but currently, most web3 gaming products limit entertainment by complicating user interactions with technical procedures. From requiring a crypto wallet to requiring technical knowledge from whitepapers, it appears most games are more concerned with making money than actually offering a “fun experience.”
  • Lack of Entertainment and Authenticity: Most games offer similar experiences that are often displayed in low graphics resolution or have obvious pump-and-dump storylines.
  • Disconnected Community: Typically in free-to-play games, communities have limited incentive to actually do things. Content creators, streamers, developers and other community members are usually not able to make a living from a game due to poorly designed mechanisms. Instead, they rely on things like ads to monetize. How can a game create a win-win-win scenario with all community members, such that everyone in the community is incentivised to contribute to the success of the game?

There is a need for innovative solutions to these challenges for Web3 to reach its full potential. Most importantly, it needs an overarching framework that drastically reduces the barrier to entry and makes gaming easily accessible for all.

Hibiki Run’s Future Is Not Just a Decentralized NFT Game

Hibiki Run is the first Play-to-Collect platform that links web3 gaming and the creator economy. Unlike typical NFT games and Free-to-plays that have one main narrative and only allow trading game-related assets, Hibiki Run is a gamified marketplace platform that allows users to Play (through gamified daily activities) and Collect (community creators’ NFTs).

By using Japanese ideals as a creative influence, and music as a soulful connector, Hibiki Run allows players to play and earn rewards by supporting their favourite creators. On the other hand, the Hibiki Run marketplace provides more promotional and experiential value to buyers than a static marketplace website like OpenSea. This gives creators a better way to display and sell their work.

Hibiki Run is also never boring or complicated for mass adoption. Token mechanisms and whitepapers are designed in the form of manga chapters to make them easy to understand. Offline live houses, community events and AMAs are routinely pushed out to allow users and creators to connect with each other.

For those who want a simple but fun app to use everyday for collecting exclusive music and NFTs; or Creators who want to sell their NFTs through a gamified marketplace, Hibiki Run the app for you.


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  1. Hibiki Run は本当に楽しいゲームです! グラフィックも素晴らしいし、コントロールもとても簡単です。プレイしている時はいつも楽しんでいます。オンラインプレイも使いやすく、チャレンジモードでは大きな挑戦が楽しめます。毎日勝利に向かって頑張っています! 私はこのゲームを強くお勧めします。皆さんにも、Hibiki Runを楽しんでいただけると思います!みんなに幸せをお祝い申し上げます!


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