What Does Hibiki Run Mean For the Creator Economy?

According to a Talenthouse report, the creator economy is worth a staggering $104 billion. Linktree content creation statistics suggest that it hosts over 207 million content creators across several strata of the digital-based economy. Despite the COVID-19 induced global economic downturn, the creator economy has continued to attract substantial investment. For instance, it garnered $5 billion worth of investment in 2021 – there are strong indications that more is expected in the coming years. It’s no wonder its revenue is projected to increase by 35% in 2023.

What is the creator economy? 

Also known as the influencer economy, the creator economy allows individual content creators to earn directly from generating content. Creator content can be both still and moving images – whether it’s an image or a gif, a short video, a short musical performance, a comedy clip, etc. The most famous web2 tools including Youtube, Twitch, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and web3 platforms such as Opensea, Nifty Gateway, and Rarible, are used to facilitate content engagement, monetization and improved brand awareness. 

Problem with the creator economy

The creator economy is not all rainbows and unicorns. While it empowers anyone with a smartphone and internet access to create digital content, monetizing it is an uphill task. According to the Tilt, it takes six months for an average content creator to earn a dollar. Corroborating Tilt’s report is an Influencer Marketing Hub creator content survey, suggesting that only one in ten creators earn $100,000 yearly.

The creator economy is far from reaching the peak of perfection. It behooves content creation startups to understudy creator content performance trends to develop innovative solutions to improve content creators’ earning capabilities. This is exactly what we have done at Hibiki Run.

Content Monetization: The Hibiki Run way

At Hibiki Run, we are revolutionising content monetization through gamification of day to day lifestyle — simplified to as easy as listening to music while moving. With a free-to-play feature and easy to navigate app interface, collectors can actively support creators by interacting with this lifestyle game.

The Hibiki Run game provides an exciting opportunity for creators to not only connect with a teeming population of passionate collectors but also earn rewarding royalties by selling on the platform. Each of their music discovered via the platform’s elements of nature headphone collection is at least a cent delivered into the pocket of the creator. With Hibiki Run, “earning” never stops.

Impact on the creator economy

While we cater content creators by substantially increasing their visibility, Hibiki Run is here to provide the platform to allow their fans to collect creators work and earn royalties per transaction. 

We are introducing a symbiotic, decentralized Play-to-Collect. This revenue-sharing model allows content creators to earn a royalty on their discovered NFTs amidst other royalty-redefining features.


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