The Future Of Playlists And Digital Collectibles With Hibiki Run

Hibiki Run bridges the gaps in conventional music services through a play-to-collect system for digital collectibles that empowers both the creators and the collectors.

The music industry is headed toward a creator economy, where Web3 music will set the stage for Web3 musicians and usher in a new era of community building via incentive-based music discovery. It could potentially spare future generations of songwriters from the torment faced by Taylor swiftKesha, Prince, and many other artists to control ownership and distribution of their work.

Web3 music empowers artists to sell their songs on NFT marketplaces and create lucrative long-term opportunities, all while staying connected with their fans.

Below, we explore how Hibiki Run brings music creators and collectors together for valuable digital collectibles.

What are digital collectibles, and why do they suddenly matter?

Digital collectibles are unique, one-of-a-kind digital assets that cannot be replicated or replaced. These digital assets are scarce and can only be traded on NFT marketplaces like the Hibiki Run marketplace. The rarity of these collectibles makes them valuable, helping their owners collect significant recurring profits. Digital collectibles are a prominent part of the cultural shift where digital assets are slowly becoming a norm. They carry more value than physical assets that are hard to maintain and depreciate over time. Since they are stored indefinitely on Blockchain they offer a better investment option for investment-savvy collectors.

The future of digital collectibles

The recent plunge in crypto market makes it hard to invest in volatile assets. However, research indicates a promising future for rare collectibles. Forbes reports that Gen Zers prefer inclusive spaces and co-creator culture. According to Mckinsey, they are “communaholics, at ease forming hyper-connected communities with anyone around the globe.” They are characterized as digital natives and have the psyche for everything NFTs represent. And since Gen Zers (born between 1997-2012) will be the biggest cohort by 2026, there is no doubt that they will drive the value of rare collectibles to its apex. And with platforms like Hibiki Run, which actively support and promote buying and selling of digital assets, Gen Zers will find a perfect environment to foster exponential growth for rare collectibles.

Hibiki Run, playlists, rare collectibles, and the evolution of the creator economy

The popularity of playlists and the challenges that follow

Playlists became popular in the 80s and 90s with the emergence of portable audio devices like the Walkman and cassette players. Later in the 2000s, streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music helped playlists evolve into a digital entity no longer bound to physical music players. Back in the day, playlists offered music consumers a unique experience by combining disparate materials. Playlists today have become more specific. For example, Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits has the top 50 hits from all genres, and Rap Caviar assembles the top hits from Hip Hop.

With playlists (of any kind), creators get exposure, and listeners get to find new music without having to spend hours sifting through music catalogs. However, while playlists promise exposure, they also plague the relationship the two share, as noted by Charlie Harding in Vox. As a result, listeners are disconnected from the creators, which diminishes the value of the person behind the art.

Additionally, many songwriters, singers, and music creators cannot garner lucrative revenues through streaming platforms, which keeps them struggling. Emily Warren, a notable songwriter who has written for prominent acts like Dua Lipa and the Chainsmokers, told Vox that she knows Grammy-nominated songwriters with millions of streams on Spotify who drive Uber to make ends meet (Spotify, one of the biggest names in streaming services, pays about $0.0033 per stream.)

Moreover, artists face intense, growing competition. There are over 100,000 songs uploaded to digital streaming platforms every day. With rising competition, it’s hard for artists to find exposure through playlists. And even harder if they represent a genre that isn’t widely celebrated, such as indie and other underground genres.

How Hibiki Run helps artists through playlists

Technology today has the potential to eliminate these gaps via music sharing and discovery for mutual rewards. Platforms like OpenSeaNifty Gateway, and Limewire are some of the prominent NFT marketplaces for artists. However, they do not promote relationship-building. Hibiki Run is the only NFT marketplace that supports and nurtures a bond between artists and listeners.

A new market for rare collectibles

Hibiki Run promotes gamified music discovery and sharing via a free play-to-collect app. The app features over one million high-quality tracks derived from Audius. Listeners can discover new music via five unique styles of in-app headphones (Gold, Electric, Water, Fire, and Storm), each representing a different genre, and collect rare collectibles as rewards. Each user gets a base headphone upon app installation and can start streaming and earning rewards as soon as they download the app.

The app features:

  • Four core game assets (headphones, a core asset for music discovery and games; pouches that can be fused to form Omamori; and rare collectibles, gathered from external creators’ projects).
  • Three tokens (HUT, a utility token present as in-app credit; HBK, a governance token for critical game upgrades; and Matic, Polygon Network’s crypto that powers Hibiki marketplace).
  • Two game modes (gamified music streaming and raffle system).
Hibiki Run game mechanics
Hibiki Run game mechanics

Listeners can discover new music via ‘Listen’ or ‘Workout’ mode, where they can earn rewards by running. Both offer exciting rewards like digital collectibles and game tokens.

Artists get the exposure they need, while listeners and collectors receive unique NFT rewards. The symbiotic relationship helps build an intimate bond that is lacking in conventional self-serving music streaming services.


Hibiki Run’s playlists ensure that every new song gets heard in exchange for prizes from our super cool gachapon machine. With conventional playlists, listeners get no incentives to discover new music, which makes Hibiki Run truly unique. There’s a new market for digital collectibles with Hibiki Run, and it’s only a download away.

Download Hibiki Run today and explore the many possibilities that await.

Learn more about how Hibiki Run is revolutionizing the creator economy.


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