Polygon Blockchain and Hibiki Run

Start Your Digital Collection with Hibiki Run Play – An Introduction to the Polygon Blockchain

Hibiki Run and its technology partner, Polygon Blockchain, facilitate digital asset collection via secure, decentralized in-app wallets.

Content creators are turning into CEOs, building multi-million dollar empires, and creating new avenues for growth and revenue. Amanda Silberling at Tech Crunch reports Mr. Beast, a North Carolina resident, to be one of the richest YouTubers in the world. The 24-year-old content creator not only amassed millions of subscribers (134 million as of today) but has taken his YouTube fame to build profitable ventures (Mr. Beast Burger and Feastables) outside of social media, contributing to the $104.2 billion (and growing) creator economy.

Creators or social media influencers are not only building revenue streams for themselves, but ushering in an era of creator-economy startups like Creative Juice, Jelly snack, and Spotter that could further amplify the growth of an already flourishing economy.

Do you want to be a part of the creator economy? And could you garner what highly-paid YouTubers like Mr.Beast have and thrive on your own? Hibiki Run and its partners have the technology to help creators and collectors come together via gamified experiences to share lucrative rewards. Below we’ll explore how Hibiki Run empowers you to become a part of the growing creator economy.

Hibiki Run technology partner – Polygon Blockchain

Web2 tools like Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, and Facebook; and Web3 platforms like Opensea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway facilitate content engagement. But when it comes to monetization, these platforms lack a systematic mechanism that fosters both engagement and monetization. Hibiki Run along with its technology partner Polygon eradicates the gaps in conventional Web2 and Web3 tools to promote a rewarding environment for both creators and collectors. Here’s How.

Hibiki Run revolutionizes content monetization via free-to-play lifestyle gamification where collectors can support creators and earn rewards. The platform’s in-app wallets allow collectors to buy, hold, and even move non-fungible tokens and digital assets to Hibiki Run’s technology partner Polygon.

What is Polygon Blockchain?

Formerly Matic Network, Polygon is ranked among the top 50 cryptos by market capitalization. Matic supports over 7k + decentralized applications (dApps) that eradicate intermediaries by connecting buyers and sellers. To better understand Polygon, you need to understand Ethereum, the second most popular crypto asset, and a decentralized platform for executing smart contracts, running dApps, and facilitating digital transactions. Blockchains like Ethereum are called Layer one blockchains.

Polygon is a layer two blockchain that runs in conjunction with Layer one for improved functionality. It helps layer one become more efficient by improving transaction speeds and lowering overall costs for developers. For example, Polygon completes up to 7K transactions per second (TPS) compared to Ethereum’s 14 TPS. In essence, Polygon connects EVM-related projects for enhanced flexibility and scalability while maintaining the interoperability, structural benefits, and security of the layer 1 blockchain (Ethereum).

Benefits of Polygon Blockchain

While Polygon isn’t autonomous (it resides on top of Ethereum) and offers limited use cases (Matic is only used to maintain the Polygon platform and to pay transaction fees; it does not work with other purchases), it still has significant benefits for collectors.

  1. Polygon’s transaction fees are consistently low at around $0.01. and each transaction confirmation is completed within 2.1 seconds in a single block, allowing the network to maintain fast processing speeds.
  2. Polygon offers lucrative staking rewards. Polygon rewards its token holders for verifying transactions.


What is Matic and why is it so popular?

Matic is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum and Polygon’s native crypto. As of today, there are 9.01 billion Matic coins in circulation and they’ll never be more than 10 billion. The limited supply makes Matic a valuable crypto.

Additionally, Matic has the potential to be a useful crypto in blockchain gaming. Blockchain Game Report Q3 2021 reports over 1.54 million Unique Active Wallets (UAWs) with 49% interacting with blockchain-based games. Additionally, NFT collectibles garnered over $2.32 billion in revenue which made up 22% of the total NFT trading sales (industry-wide). Polygon Studio, a subsidiary of Polygon launched in 2021, focuses on NFTs and blockchain gaming paving the way for decentralized gaming. And since blockchain-based gaming is on its way to a meteoric rise, generating billions in NFT-based sales, Matic is bound to become a popular crypto for purchasing NFTs and other digital collectibles.

How to buy Matic?

You can buy Matic on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase. But with Hibiki Run, you have the chance to get it for free! All you need to do is download the Hibiki Run app, get your free headphones, start discovering music, and monetize your time with rewards that include $HBK and $HUT tokens and other digital collectibles!

Hibiki Run and Polygon Blockchain

Hibiki Run is a dynamic place for decentralized gaming enthusiasts, music lovers, and crypto art collectors. With its partnership with Polygon, the platform offers all-game assets in one place! You can have access to two wallets:

  1. A Hibiki Run wallet for in-app transactions.
  2. A Polygon wallet for token transactions.

How to use Hibiki Run Wallets

Once you download the app, you have access to both Hibiki Run and Polygon wallets for your digital collectibles.

With your Hibiki Run wallet, you can make purchases and check in-app transaction details. Additionally, you can move your assets to your Polygon account.

With your Polygon wallet, you can check your cryptocurrency and other collectible balances that were withdrawn from your Hibiki Run account. Additionally, you can move assets from Polygon to Hibiki account and check transaction history related to Hibiki-Polygon accounts with a single click.

How to get started with in-app wallets?

To start depositing to your Hibiki account, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Polygon account.
  2. Deposit money to your Polygon account via the ‘Receive’ function or through external platforms.
  3. Make a deposit to your Hibiki account through the ‘To Hibiki’ function.
  4. Purchase your collectibles in the Hibiki Run marketplace and move them between two wallets.

In case you are worried about the security of the wallets, both platforms are equipped with sophisticated security features including passcodes, face ID, and secret phrases. Additionally, you have the option to import a Polygon wallet or remove the existing one.

Why start collecting now?

According to LinkTree, there are over 200 million content creators globally. Most of these creators are likely to be Gen Zers as per Global Web Index. Both of these statistics only prove that the creator economy will be more than a buzzword in the near future. Gen Zers are likely to drive this economy, fostering growth for content creation, NFTs, and crypto art, creating more opportunities.

Hibiki Run can help you become a part of those opportunities through a gamified experience. It lets you discover content, earn rewards including tokens, and hold those rewards for future resales. With Hibiki Run’s easy=to-use wallets and highly secure network, it’s the best time to start collecting!


Matic is a unique cryptocurrency that will only become more valuable in the near future owing to its limited supply and the emergence of Polygon’s blockchain-based gaming, where it could serve as a token for in-game purchases. Hibiki Run (with Polygon as its technology partner) offers a gamified way to earn tokens (for purchasing digital assets on the Hibiki Run marketplace) in exchange for your time spent on the platform discovering music. To get started, download the Hibiki Run app and press start!

Download Hibiki Run on Google Play or the App Store and start collecting today!

Learn how to start collecting via Hibiki Run playlists.

Learn more about Polygon Blockchain.

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